About Structured Settlement Conversions

Structured settlement conversions are simple financial transactions where qualified recipients of various types of assignable and insurable payment streams can receive substantial immediate lump sum cash payouts by selling these payment streams in whole, or in part, to investors on the secondary market. Examples of payment streams that can be converted are personal injury lawsuit settlements or judgments, investment annuities or even lottery award winnings.

Structured settlements are legal arrangements where monthly, quarterly, or annual payments can be paid out to you over time, usually as an alternative to a lump sum cash award. Selling a structured settlement is like selling many other personal assets – the rights, title, and beneficial interests in the original settlement, including future scheduled payments, are transferred to the buyer.

Just as with other personal assets, these structured settlement payment streams can be sold (“converted”) for fair market value. The price paid is based on multiple considerations including total life value of the original payment settlement, length of payment term, and current and anticipated market returns.

Structured settlements are designed to deliver a reliable income stream for an extended period of time, but all too often financial needs may change over time and claimants may find that a lump sum cash distribution becomes either critically needed, or inherently more desirable. And unfortunately, many structured settlement agreements provide little flexibility.

Selling your structured settlement payment stream provides a great option for settlement owners to access their money today to meet immediate financial needs such as funding a new home or auto purchase, purchasing a business, securing college education funding, or paying medical bills and/or other retiring debts.

Amanda’s Story In Brief

Age: 19 Year Old Female

Structured Settlement: Amanda was the recipient of 5 annual payments of $24, 084 as a result of a lawsuit surrounding her mother’s hospital death.

The Challenge:
Amanda was not scheduled to begin receiving her settlement payments until more than one year in the future, but she was anxious to pursue her dream to attend college as soon as possible.

The Result: Amanda accepted and received a lump sum payout of $87,500 and enrolled in college the next semester.

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Why Structured Settlement Conversions?

Access Your Cash When It’s Most Needed

When the decision to accept a structured settlement solution to a lawsuit or lottery winnings, or purchase an investment annuity is made, it is normally made for all the right reasons – to provide a secure future income stream or to minimize tax implications etc. But life is often unpredictable and can drastically change one’s original plans and near term financial needs.

Structured settlements seldom provide much flexibility and regardless of the type, they should not become a life sentence. When facing unexpected financial crisis or needs, or a new investment opportunity, waiting for future payouts may no longer be desirable. Selling your structured settlements can deliver cash when you need it most to fund a new future.

Who Qualifies For Structured Settlement Conversions?

While each case is unique and evaluated individually, to be eligible for a Structured Settlement Conversion, candidates here in the northwest must meet the following criteria:

  • Own an existing formalized structured settlement that delivers future payment streams such as an investment annuity, lawsuit settlement, or lottery winnings, etc.
  • The existing structured settlement must be assignable, and payable and guaranteed by a major insurance company

To find out if you qualify, contact Northwest Life Settlements today to for a complimentary assessment to explore if and how a structured settlement conversion might help you get the cash you need.

Qualifying Structured Settlements

  • Lawsuit awards
  • Lottery winnings
  • Life annuities
  • Joint survivorship annuities
  • Future lump sum settlements
  • Contingent lump sum settlements

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  1. Pay for a new home or auto
  2. Pay unexpected medical expenses
  3. Pay-off a mortgage, credit card debt or tax obligations
  4. Fund college education
  5. Buy a business
  6. Take that dream vacation or other life enrichment

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