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Did You Know?

  1. A 2010 study of seniors over 65, reported by the Insurance Studies Institute, revealed that 90% of seniors who lapsed a policy would have considered a life settlement if they had been aware of the possibility.
  2. Life Insurance and Annuities are assets, like real estate, that have a market value based on supply and demand. If you no longer needed your home, you could sell it on the open market for a fair price to a qualified buyer. It’s the same with Life Insurance and Annuities.
  3. When a life insurance policy is no longer needed, wanted or affordable the option of selling it can maximize the asset value and minimize losses and expenses.
  4. Each year more than $100 billion face value of life insurance lapses by seniors over the age of 65 – mostly from a lack of knowledge that an unneeded or unaffordable policy may be sold.