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We are local licensed professionals that serve senior policy holders, their families and advisors in Washington, Idaho and Oregon. We work with seniors to determine if they could benefit from converting their life insurance policy or annuity into cash through a life or structured life insurance settlement. As life circumstances change, often times a senior’s life insurance policy may no longer be needed, may be too expensive or a senior may simply have other priorities.

Our local team brings personalized service to the Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and surrounding areas while partnering with one of the largest life settlement networks.   We have over 30 years of experience with financial and insurance services designed to assist seniors in making wise financial and family choices.   We also have personal experience supporting our own families through many of these same decisions.

The development of a secondary market for life insurance has changed the way we think about life insurance, planning, and maximizing our liquidity. We believe the valuation of life insurance simply cannot be overlooked for a family, individual or business entity. We provide clients a no obligation, free valuation of your life insurance policy and life insurance settlement options. We help you understand the market value of your policy and then you decide whether it is beneficial to sell your policy.

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About The Network

map-300x149Based in Puyallup, Washington and serving the Northwest, we are an authorized member of the International Life and Structured Settlement Exchange (ILSSE) which is a national network of settlement specialists working in partnership with the industry’s leading licensed brokerage. To date, collectively the ILSSE team has managed over 24,000 successful life insurance settlement transactions putting over $1 Billion back in the hands of policyholders.

At Life Settlements Northwest, we work closely with individual life insurance policy holders and their advisors, to deliver a simple solution and maximum value. By leveraging our proprietary Life Insurance Marketplace Exchange (LIME) platform and our deep relationships with over 20 proven settlement providers, our clients enjoy a local relationship while leveraging the strength of a national industry powerhouse insuring the best financial outcome for you.

Success Stories

Joe’s Story In Brief

  • $305,500 life insurance policy
  • Cash surrender value $1,000
  • $10,920 annual premium
  • Final life settlement price of $75,000


The Background

Joe is a 70-year-old male with significant health issues. He had a $305,500 life insurance policy. The cash surrender value was only $1,000.

The Problem or Challenge

Huge Premium Increases
Joe was facing a huge increase in his annual premium obligation. His current annual insurance premium of $3,200 was being increased to $10,920 annually beginning the next year; a huge increase for an individual living on a fixed income.

The Solution

Joe elected to pursue a life settlement and accepted an offer to purchase his policy for $75,000.

Lee’s Story In Brief

  • $750,000 life insurance policy
  • Cash Surrender Value $3,800
  • Annual Premiums $22,500
  • Final settlement amount $175,000


The Background

Lee is an 84-year-old male with a $750,000 universal life insurance policy with a cash surrender value of $3,800 and annual premiums of $22,500.

The Problem or Challenge

Increasing Costs, Policy No Longer Needed
Lee was dealing with significantly higher medical and other costs to pay for retirement. While he had other assets, such as his house, his life circumstances had changed and he didn’t need the life insurance policy any more. His wife had recently passed away and his kids were grown and doing fine.

The Solution

Lee elected to receive a free no obligation valuation of his life insurance policy and sold his policy for $175,000.

Interesting Points

  • Life insurance settlements have become an important aspect of seniors financial planning. Today, 85% of universal policies and 95% of term policies never pay a death benefit.
  • Americans 65 and older forfeit $112 billion in benefits annually from lapsing or surrendering their life insurance policy.
  • The General Accountability Office found insured’s that completed a life settlement received on average 7 times more that the cash surrender value (GAO Report-10-775)
  • The legal basis for life settlements is found in the Grigsby v. Russell decision from the U.S. Supreme Court in 1911, where it ruled that life insurance is just like any other private property you own and can therefore be sold.
  • There are 38 million life insurance policies owned by American seniors over the age of 65, which have a collective face value of more than $3 trillion.
  • A 2010 study of seniors over 65, reported by the Insurance Studies Institute, revealed that 90% of seniors who lapsed a policy would have considered a life settlement if they had been aware of the possibility.

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