What Is A Life Insurance Settlement?

A life insurance settlement is the sale by the owner of a life insurance policy to a third party for an amount greater than its cash surrender value and less than the death benefit. The seller of the policy receives a cash payment. The buyer of the policy assumes all future premiums payments and receives the death benefit upon the passing of the insured.

Innovative Solutions

Life settlements have changed how seniors and their Advisors evaluate life insurance.

Maximize Asset Value

Life Insurance is an asset that can be sold on the secondary market for significantly more than the cash surrender value.

Immediate Cash

According to recent studies a policy typically sells for 3-7 times the policies cash surrender value.

Competitive Bidding

We work with over 20 institutional investors to assure you receive maximum value.

Convert An Expiring Policy

Many policies have conversion features that will allow the policy to be converted and then sold so it doesn’t expire for little or no value.

Reduce Costs

Selling your policy will eliminate what are often times unaffordable policy premiums.

Who We Serve

We are licensed insurance professionals in the Seattle / Bellevue / Tacoma area that serve seniors, the critically ill, their families and professional advisors throughout the Northwest.

We specialize in evaluating life insurance policies and converting unwanted, unneeded or unaffordable policies into cash.

We also assist in converting your life insurance policy into a long term care benefit plan and converting structured settlements into cash.

Couple Who Sold Their Life Insurance


Life Insurance Settlements For Non-Profits

Non-Profits & Charities


The Life Settlement Option

Life insurance settlements represent one of the most important financial innovations of the past 30 years. By recognizing the fundamental right of policy owners to assign their policies, life settlements have created a more competitive life insurance market where consumers enjoy new options and greater value every day.

We are located in the Seattle / Bellevue / Tacoma area and look forward to serving you!

Success Stories


Meet Mark

  • $1.5 Million Policy
  • Cash Value $35,000
  • Annual Premiums $52,000
  • Final Settlement $196,000


Meet Lee

  • $750,000 policy
  • Cash Value $3,800
  • Annual Premiums $22,500
  • Final settlement $175,000


Meet Christa

  • $100,000 Policy
  • Cash Value $0
  • Annual Premiums $2,500
  • Final Settlement $40,000


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